Our Coconut Bowls

Handmade in Ubud by the lovely Iluh

How it all started

Once the bamboo straws had been selling for some time, we felt confident to start looking for new products that would allow us to expand our potfolio. After a long-night conversation about the coconut industry in Indonesia, we wondered about the coconut shells.  After talking to some local friends they explained to us that coconut bowls had been around in Bali for centuries and that all we had to do was rescue a decaying tradition. So we did. Through Wayan we met Iluh and her wonderful team, with whom we’ve worked ever since to create what is now one of the best coconut bowls on the planet!

How are the Coconut Bowls made?

Every year thousands of coconut shells are discarded as a byproduct of the huge coconut industry. After only using the husk for biofuel and the meat and water for food or beauty products, the coconut shells are normally discarded and often burnt, releasing a huge amount of CO2 into our atmosphere. One day, while talking to some local Balinese friends, they told us that in the old days, people used coconuts as plates, a practice that has been completely eradicated by either normal plates, or worse, plastic disposable ones.

We knew there was something to be done with all those leftover coconut shells, and we were sure we wanted to do something with them. That’s when we found Iluh. With the help of Iluh and her team, we turn the discarded coconut shells into beautiful Coconut Bowls that people can eat from.

For a coconut shell to be hard enough to use as a plate, the coconuts have to be mature enough. We get our coconuts from the discarded coconut industry. The reclaimed coconuts are turned into bowls by cutting them down to the correct size (between 6 and 8 cm deep). We then sand them down, inside and outside, to give them that smooth and shiny feel.

To make sure everything is safe to use, we clean them one by one with eco-friendly soap and polish them on the outside with organic cold-pressed coconut oil, which makes them shiny and water-repellent.  That’s when we pack them with the cutlery sets inside the traditional bamboo baskets.

Please keep in mind that our Coconut Bowls are completely natural and therefore all have different markings and color. There aren’t 2 coconuts that are the same and the singularities of each of them should be seen as a characteristic of their uniqueness. 


The Bamboo Basket and the Cutlery Set

The Cutlery set is several stories put into one same pack. We buy the wooden fork and spoon from a charming old lady that we call Ibu (mother) in a local market in Bali’s biggest city, Denpasar. She sources the forks and spoons from her village in northern Bali. The straws are made by Wayan and Gitok in central Bali and the Bamboo Basket is handcrafted by our lovely Manik and the women of her village in northern Bali.

As you can see, our work involves a lot of local Balinese people with whom we have a very close relationship and to whom we pay a fair price for their hard work. By purchasing the Coconut Bowl Set you are not only getting a unique and handmade set of products, but you are also helping a lot of people in Bali to continue working in their traditional crafts.

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