Bali Boo is a business built on the principles of providing ethically made, sustainable and eco-friendly products to combat the use of plastics. With plastic waste at an all-time high, we champion one of the best alternatives for the environment in the form of bamboo straws, coconut bowls and other utensils such as reusable bamboo cutlery and even bamboo toothbrushes!

Our founders Fred and Diego are passionate about providing products that are stylish, exciting and eco friendly that will aid in the global fight against plastic waste. That is why we are proud to present you with a range of Natural Alternatives to Plastic that are sustainable, ethically made, and of the highest quality possible.

All Bali Boo products are 100% biodegradable and created using sustainable materials like bamboo which grows at an extremely fast pace. The products themselves are also PETA certified as cruelty-free and vegan, and can all be found within recyclable packaging ensuring that whatever product you receive is a living example of the Bali Boo values. Yet, Bali Boo cannot do it alone and have partnered up with several other like-minded organizations such as Greenpeace and Oceanic Global to name a few.

Our Values

Our Values are our Identity. That is why at Bali Boo we are committed to making the highest quality products, that are good for you and our planet, and that respect the people that help us make them.

Ethically Made

Things well made, that do good. By purchasing Bali Boo products you are helping Balinese artisans to continue working in their traditional crafts.


To us, Sustainability means more than making eco-friendly products. Our products and our practices are respectful to the planet and all beings in it.

Top Quality

At Bali Boo our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality products possible. Safe for you, your family, our planet, and your business.

A Look Inside The Process

At Bali Boo, we believe that transparency is everything and in order to live by the values we so valiantly encourage, we must ensure our process is 100% solid. For example, before customers buy our bamboo products, we go through a strict 4- phase process to ensure only the best gets produced for our customers and partners.

1) Only healthy and mature bamboo stalks are chosen for cutting.
2) The selection of the best cut stalks will be used for creating our straws.
3) After the cutting and boiling process, we will then re-select the best straws for use.
4) One final check to ensure that any straws not up to scratch are removed!

As you can see, the process can be strenuous but Bali Boo believes that without the right checks in place to ensure optimal quality, we would not be doing right by ourselves and more importantly the customers that share our core values. You can find out a whole lot more about us and our products in the About Us.

#TheEarthSaysThanks Project

With a powerful vision in mind and the enthusiasm to continue pushing towards a plastic-free world, Bali Boo has seen great success so far in our almost five years of operation.

One of the projects that the team at Bali Boo are extremely passionate about is #TheEarthSaysThanks. This project was built with the idea of slowly but surely eradicating plastic straws from the birth-place of the business in Bali. Bali Boo continues to donate straws to local Bali businesses that are unable to afford or know about plastic straw alternatives.

Bali Boo in return asks these businesses to exchange the plastics straws they use to and ensure that the waste does not harm their beloved paradise. The project now has over 22 business in partnership with a total of 2,175 bamboo straws replacing 5,928 plastic straws in return!

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We’re proud to be the official suppliers of some of the biggest brands in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry.
our references- four seasons hotels
our references - hilton
our references - conrad hotels
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Don’t compromise on the quality and show your customers that you also care for our planet by introducing natural alternatives to plastic into your business with bulk bamboo straws. Our team will take care of you from beginning to end so that your transition away from plastic is as smooth as it can be. We will study your case together and provide you with the best solutions possible, always putting your business at the forefront. Because the wellbeing of your business is our top priority.


So what are you waiting for? Contact Us today to find out more about who we are as a business and what we have in store for the near future!