Our Head Hammock

Traditionally made by Manik & Putu

How it all started

Putu, a local hindu monk, and an experienced bamboo artisan, was presented to us by Sebastian, a mutual friend. Putu had developed an incredibly beautiful and convenient head rest for the beach, which as a test, Fred tried while he devoured one of his books, like he normally does. After using it for a couple of hours, Fred found the head rest was an incredibly good idea, and that’s how we decided to start working together with Putu so we could introduce it into the Bali Boo product family.

We sat down with Putu and his wife Manik to develop it as a product that could be enjoyed by more people. We took his original design and with very small tweaks we were able to create a Head Hammock that is sturdy enough to carry the weight of big heads (ejem, like Diego’s… ejem), small enough to be carried around wherever you want, and overall beautiful so you could enjoy your rest outdoors with a bit of style.

How are the Bali Boo Head Hammocks made?

Putu has been a bamboo artisan for the best part of the last 25 years. As such, he has developed a pretty uncanny knowledge of bamboo and its properties. To make the Head Hammock, Putu first has to collect the bamboo, which he buys from a local farmer with whom he has been friends for over 20 years. The bamboo Putu uses for the head hammocks is the oldest type of bamboo you can find in the island of Bali, and with only one stalk (that can measure up to 30 meters) Putu can make hundreds of pieces. How he does so much with so little, is still a mystery to us, but he sure knows how to make a sustainable use of the materials he needs.  He cuts the bamboo into small strips of around 30 cm., which he sands down to give that delightful soft feel they have. He makes the wholes and with the use of smaller bamboo twigs, he puts it all in place.

The fabric we use gives part of the modern design of our head hammock to it. We source the fabric from a local merchant in one of Bali’s busiest streets and we give it to Putu so he can sow it all together. The top part is padded so you can enjoy a good rest lying down wherever you want.

And what about the Bamboo Basket?

The basket that we use to package the head hammocks is handwoven by Manik, Putu’s wife, and the women of her village in the area of Singaraja, in northern Bali.  The amount of work that goes into each basket is commendable. First Manik has to take bamboo stalks and with a knife, she gently makes little strips. Then, in a very patient way, she weaves them all together by hand. The result is a piece of art that has been a tradition in Bali for centuries, and an incredibly beautiful, and plastic-free packaging for our head hammock.

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