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Kids Bamboo Toothbrush – Pack of 4


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Starting the young ones on the path to zero waste is important, and the sooner you start, the better.

That is why we’ve created these Bamboo Toothbrushes for Kids. They are exactly like our Adult Bamboo Toothbrushes but with 2 main differences:

1 . They are slightly smaller – ergonomically created for Children
2. The bristles are Extra Soft – no more “my gums hurt, mom!”

• Naturally teeth whitening bristles.
• Handle Made from 100% Natural Bamboo
• Vegan & BPA-Free

Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids


Out of stock


Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids – Pack of 4

Did you know that all the toothbrushes you’ve ever in your life used still exist? It’s pretty daunting when you do, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you stop that right now! Our Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids is made of a 100% natural bamboo handle, which is 100% biodegradable! So its clean for the planet, but even cleaner for your children’s teeth!

Here’s why:

Our bristles are made of Nylon 6 infused with Activated Bamboo Charcoal, which is a natural antibacterial, and an awesome stain remover. This means our toothbrush is naturally Teeth Whitening. 

Our pack includes 4 toothbrushes of Extra-Soft bristle strength, so your Kid has enough toothbrushes for the rest of the year, and the planet will thank you for not throwing away 4 more plastic toothbrushes every year! They are basically exactly the same as our Adult Bamboo Toothbrushes yet they are made slightly smaller, ergonomically made for Children.

Our pack of 4 Bamboo Toothbrushes for Kids includes

• 4 toothbrushes of Extra-Soft Bristles
• Packed individually AND in a box of 4 units. In an Eco Box made of FSC certified paper.

How are they made?

Our Bamboo Toothbrushes are made with a 100% natural bamboo handle made from Moso Bamboo. It’s a species of Bamboo local to China, and it has the ability to grow very tall in a very short time. The bamboo comes from sustainably harvested forests and is made into handles through a mechanical process that uses up as much of the plant as possible, so nothing is wasted.

The bristles in our toothbrush are made from Nylon 6, and are infused with Activated Bamboo Charcoal. Activated Bamboo Charcoal is a natural teeth whitener. It adsorbs the toxins and helps keep teeth clean and white.

Right now there aren’t any 100% natural fiber bristles available out there, except animal hair bristles.  So if you’re looking for a bristle that is respectful to our planet, as well as to the animals, our infused Activated Bamboo Charcoals are the best alternative. To make the bristles, the Nylon is infused with the activated bamboo charcoal, once the paste is mixed, it passes through an extruding machine that converts them into bristles. The process is hardly handmade, as it requires quite a bit of mechanization.

Want to know more? 

We go in detail into how we make our bamboo toothbrushes in our How are Bamboo Toothbrushes made page!

Care Instructions

Using your bamboo toothbrush
Using your Bamboo Toothbrush

Use your bamboo toothbrush like you’ve used any other toothbrush in your life! Put some toothpaste on, and brush away! Remember dentists recommend to brush your teeth after every meal, and at least for 5 minutes!

Like with any hygiene product, we always recommend rinsing it the first time before use!

taking care of your bamboo toothbrush
Taking Care of your Bamboo Toothbrush

After use, rinse it with water and make sure to dry it properly. If you have a hanging rack for toothbrushes, that’s awesome!
If you don’t, make sure to dry it properly before putting it inside a cup. We always recommend cups that have an opening at the bottom so that water can come out and not get stuck. Remember that the handle is made of bamboo, and as with any natural product, the continuous contact with water can end up damaging the bottom end of the toothbrush.  If you don’t have a cup with holes in the bottom, you can also put it sideways on top so that the water drips without staying in contact with the toothbrush.

disposing of your bamboo toothbrush
Disposing of your Bamboo Toothbrush

Disposing of your bamboo toothbrush is easy if you know how! The only thing you will need is a pair of pliers. With the pliers, pull out all the bristles. You can throw them to the plastic recycling bin. The handle is 100% biodegradable, so you can either compost it, or you can use the handle in as many original ways as you can think of. They make great garden signs or door stoppers, by the way.


• Are bamboo toothbrushes safe?
Yes! The Bali Boo bamboo toothbrushes are safe. They are FDA approved and have been made with the highest quality standards, they are safe for you, your family, and our planet

• Are bamboo toothbrushes eco-friendly? Are bamboo toothbrushes environmentally friendly?
Yes! bamboo toothbrushes are the most eco-friendly option when it comes to plastic alternatives. The handle is biodegradable and compostable, so it will biodegrade in very little time.

• Are bamboo toothbrushes better than plastic ones?
Yes! And glad you asked! Have you ever thought that all the plastic toothbrushes you have ever used in your life, have 91% chances of still being in this planet? Bamboo toothbrushes biodegrade naturally. It can take up to 500 years for a plastic toothbrush to degrade into microplastics, and just a couple months for a bamboo one to do it completely naturally without leaving any residue.

• How long to bamboo toothbrushes last?
With the correct care, your bamboo toothbrush can last just as any other normal toothbrush. Worldwide Dental Associations recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months, that’s 4 per year. Exactly the number we provide in our pack!

• How do you dispose of bamboo toothbrushes?
To dispose of your bamboo toothbrush, grab a pair of pliers and pull out the bristles, you can throw them into your plastic recycling bin. The handle, you can throw it to your compost, or reuse it in as many ways as you can imagine. If you’d like more information, please check the “Care Instructions” tab.

• How do I keep my bamboo toothbrush clean?
As with any toothbrush, make sure you rinse it clean after use. If you store your bamboo toothbrush in a cup, try to make sure it has a small opening in the bottom that lets water out, as the constant contact with water might damage your bamboo toothbrush.

• What are the benefits of a bamboo toothbrush?
The Bali Boo bamboo toothbrush is made of a 100% natural bamboo handle and Nylon bristles infused with activated bamboo charcoal. Activated bamboo charcoal helps to keep your mouth clean of bacteria, it is naturally whitening and removes stains much better than any other normal toothbrush.

• Why are the bristles of your bamboo toothbrushes made of nylon? 
Believe us when we say we’ve looked for hundreds of options. But the truth is that the only “all-natural” option that exists up to now, are bristles made of animal hair (pig, horse, even goat). Being that we like to keep our products Vegan, we opted to make our bamboo toothbrush from Nylon.  Nylon is a highly recyclable material, that is very resistant and easy to clean. We know its not perfect, but it’s definitely the best option out there.

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