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Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge


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Plastic sponges are a huge source of microplastics! Make the change to an all-natural Konjac Sponge, and start enjoying the benefits today?

Sponges made from Konjac have been used in Japan and Korea for centuries. Their antibacterial properties help combat oily skin and reduce acne, and because these sponges have been infused with Bamboo Charcoal, their cleansing properties are even larger.

Perfect for face or body, Konjac Sponges are also ideal for baby care. You can use them in your daily face cleanse rituals, and can also help you as a great makeup remover.

• Made from 100% natural Konjac root and Bamboo Charcoal
• 100% Biodegradable & Reusable
• Vegan & BPA-Free

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Konjac Sponges have been used in the Far East for centuries. In Korea, due to their soft and gentle touch, they are mostly used for baby care. In Japan, Konjac Sponges have been used by women to remove their makeup and during their evening face washing rituals. Using plastic-based sponges that aren’t only harsh to your skin, but also to the environment was never a good idea, and using the natural sponges isn’t far better, as you are actually killing a living creature. Luckily for you, Bali Boo is here to bring you an alternative that not only is respectful with our environment, but also with your skin.

Made from 100% natural Konjac root, a plant that is very similar to a potato, this sponge also has infused bamboo charcoal. It is naturally antibacterial and especially good for oily skins, helping you for acne treatment, as well as a deep cleanse after removing your makeup. Whether you decide to use it for your face or your body, you will instantly feel the benefits of this microporous sponge and why it’s been the best-kept secret of Far East Asian beauty.


• 1 Sponge made of Konjac with infused bamboo charcoal
• Packaged in a recycled carton box.

How are they made?

Our Konjac Sponge is made from 100% natural Konjac root. The root is ground into a powder and mixed with water, it is then mixed with bamboo charcoal powder to give it it’s extra cleansing properties. The powder is then molded and dried, becoming a hard stone-like object. When mixed with water again, the pores of the sponge widen, and the hard sponge becomes soft and gentle.

Want to know more?
We explain how we make our Activated Bamboo Charcoal in our How is Bamboo Charcoal made page.

Care Instructions

using a konjac spongeUsing your Konjac Sponge

The first time you use your Konjac Sponge, you will notice it is rock solid. Put it under the water, or inside a small bowl with water and watch how it grows in size and becomes soft and gentle.

To start your cleaning ritual, all you have to do is wet it with a bit of water and put a bit of soap, and use it as a normal sponge. We recommend cleansing in circles to make the most out of the sponge. Try not to scrub very strong, but rather gently so you don’t damage the sponge.

cleaning your konjac sponge

Cleaning your Konjac Sponge

Once you’re done with your cleansing ritual, just put the sponge under water and squeeze it to remove the excess water and soap. Once the water that comes out of the soap is clear (no soap). You can let it dry by hanging it from its string.

Try not to twist or over-squeeze the sponge as this can damage it.

disposing bamboo strawsDisposing of your Konjac Sponge

Our Konjac Sponges are made of 100% natural products. That means that whenever you believe your Konjac Sponge has come to the end of its life, you can simply throw it in your organic bin, or add it to your compost. Its natural properties will help your plants grow nice and strong.

Don’t throw your Konjac Sponge into the plastic bin, or any other bin, remember to always use your organic waste bin, and help keep our planet green!

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