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Head Hammock Sky Blue (Limited Edition)


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Comfy Outdoor Naps, here we come! The Bali Boo Head Hammock is the ultimate outdoor headrest! Read a book, browse your phone, or take a ‘siesta’ without having to find out how many bags you have to stuff under your head to be comfortable. With a matching Pareo, a set of ‘magic’ sticks, and a coconut brooch, this set is perfect for the tanning queens! Be quick, this is a Limited Edition!

• Handmade with love in Bali
• Vegan & respectful with the environment
• Packaged in a Traditional Balinese Handwoven Basket

Head Hammock by Bali Boo

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Limited Edition Head Hammock Sky Dye Blue

Let’s face it, we all love lying on the beach but it can be incredibly uncomfortable some times. You keep on putting bags under your head or stuffing sand under the towel to make a little bump that keeps on flattening out, plus you just got your hands all full of sand and you’re afraid to smash the phone or eBook inside your bag with your head. On top of that, every time you try to go take a dip in the water the wind rolls your pareo over and when trying to fix it you end up with your hands full of sand ( go back to the water and clean them). Definitely not what you signed up for.

We created the head hammock for people especially like you and us because we really enjoy a day on the beach also, but we always become incredibly uncomfortable by the sand or the wind. And let’s be honest, we also get incredibly bored if we can’t read a book, or even play with our phones.

Our Head Hammock is made from a strong bamboo structure. It’s finished with a beautiful handmade tie dye rayon blue fabric that not only makes it look incredibly good but also makes it super comfy.

Our Limited Edition Sky Dye Blue Head Hammock set includes:

  • 1 Bamboo Head Hammock
  • 1 Matching Pareo (or Sarong) (1,70cm x 1,20cm // 67 x 47 inches)
  • 4 “Magic” Bamboo sticks (to hold your sarong or towel on the sand)
  • 1 Coconut Pareo Brooche (to wear your sarong in different ways)
  • Packaged in a traditional Balinese bamboo basket to hold it all.

How Are They Made?

The elements in this set have been made by: 


The head craftsman behind our Head Hammock is our one and only Putu. This man single-handedly builds every single head hammock by hand in his small studio outside his house. To make the head hammocks he uses a different type of bamboo compared to our bamboo straws, which he cuts into small pieces that he then gives shape to.

We source the fabric from a local manufacturer too, all the fabric is completely handmade in Bali and we only have a limited supply of it, making this a completely unique design, hence being a Limited Edition piece.

The bamboo basket where everything comes packed is handmade by Putu’s wife, Manik. She takes almost a full day to make each one of them with the utmost care and quality.

Want to know more?
We explain every single part of the process in our How to Our Beach Headrest page.

Care Instructions

symbol beach headrest - head hammock

Using your Head Hammock Set

Using your Head Hammock is as easy as it gets. Just unfold it, and you’re ready to go! To hold your pareo to the ground, twist the corners of the pareo and put them through the stick, then just stick it to the ground, and you’re ready to go!

To learn how to wear your pareo in different ways with and without the coconut brooche, we recommend this video.

cleaning bamboo strawsCleaning your Head Hammock Set

To wash the head hammock we recommend putting it under water with soap, the most important part is drying it very well so the bamboo doesn’t get soggy and therefore doesn’t break. To wash the Sarong, the best is to wash it by hand in cold water or throw it into the washing machine on a cold-cycle so the colors don’t stain other clothing pieces you might want to wash with it.

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