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Bamboo Spoon


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Handcrafted by local Balinese artisans, these Bamboo Spoons are the perfect alternative to plastic spoons. Dig into your bowls with this beautiful bamboo spoon and start enjoying the pleasure of a purely natural meal!

• Handmade with love from 100% natural bamboo
• 100% Biodegradable & Reusable
• Vegan & BPA-Free

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How are they made?

The elements in this set have been made by:

how is our bamboo cutlery made - by Bali Boo

Our Bamboo Cutlery set is completely handmade from 100% natural bamboo in Bali. The bamboo utensils are made by Yas and her team in their workshop in central Bali. They are made from Bambu Petung, a species that grows very big, very fast. The whole process is handmade. First they have to cut the stalks of bamboo, which can measure up to 30m, into small slabs. The slabs are drawn with the template of the utensil, which is then cut, sanded and coated with Virgin Coconut oil to waterproof them. The Bamboo Straw is made by Srii and Budi, as well as by Wayan and Gitok, using bambu buluh, a species of bush bamboo that also grows in Bali.

The whole process of making these utensils, as well as the bamboo straw, is completely handmade. No part of the process makes use of any type of heavy machinery, and the bamboo is grown sustainably without the use of chemicals or fertilizers. Everything is certified Vegan too!

Want to know more?
We explain every single part of the process in our How to make Bamboo Utensils page!

Care Instructions

coconut bowls- using instructionsUsing your Bamboo Utensils

  You can use your Bamboo Utensils with any type of food you want. We added 4 utensils to make sure you always have the ideal utensil for your meal. Remember they are reusable; so don’t forget to take them with you wherever you go.

Cleaning your Bamboo Utensils

After use, make sure to clean your utensils with water and soap. Do not put them in the dishwasher. To keep your utensils in perfect shape, we recommend you coat them with a bit of coconut oil every now and then (you can also use any other edible oil). Let them sit to dry and they’ll be ready to use in no time. If your knife’s edge feels blunt, you can sand it down with a bit of sandpaper until its sharp again. Make sure you don’t overdo it and always do it equally on both sides of the edge. Once sharp, coat it again with coconut oil to keep it waterproof.

disposing bamboo straws
Disposing of your Bamboo Utensils

Our Bamboo utensils are sustainable and 100% biodegradable – throw them in your compost bin or reuse them in as many ways as you can imagine. We’d love to see what you come up with, so share your creations with us! They make great garden signs by the way!

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