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Life is full of coincidences and our story, the story of Bali Boo, is not an exception. We met towards the end of 2015 while we were roommates living in the same house. We had both been traveling through Asia for some years and had decided to settle down in the island of Bali for some time without really knowing what the future had planned for us.

The problem with plastic in Bali had always been a constant concern in our conversations. We talked for hours about the poor waste-management of the island and how plastic was one day going to destroy it all. The conversations were endless and the idealistic solutions we came up with were clearly far-fetched. But after some time living under the same roof, we realized we could form a great team together, so we decided to join our forces and create something that would be really worth fighting for. That’s when we first created Bali Boo (although the whole project still didn’t have a brand name as such).

Three years later we are happy to say that we are a fully formed company that pushes to advance the boundaries of sustainable products while respecting and honoring the crafts of the people that make them.

Bali Boo Team

We love what we do

At Bali Boo, we’re very proud of our work, even more so, when it is highlighted by huge institutions such as the United Nations. Our company has been selected as a case-study example by the United Nations as a smart, innovative and fair-trade solution to replace single-use plastic items. For a small team like ours, it’s a huge accomplishment and we’re very proud of it!

You can read the full study here or you can check the specific part about us in the picture below.